5 Reasons Why Non-Profits Should Conduct Background Verification

Why Non-Profits Should Conduct Background Verification

Non-Profit Organizations play a crucial role in community services and establishing people’s trust for a shared vision. Non-profits run on people’s trust and can elevate their awareness campaigns if executed by authentic people. 

The involvement of unauthentic volunteers and staff members would be misleading to the organization’s mission and the ultimate goal. That is why background check services for a non-profit organization before onboarding volunteers and staff members would be beneficial to maintain public trust in the long run.

So, let us plunge into various reasons for Non-profit Background checks before onboarding volunteers and other managerial folks.

Five Reasons to Conduct Background Checks of Candidates If You are a Non-Profit Organization

1. Inadequate Data from Criminal History background check services for a non-profit organization

The reputation of a non-profit organization is crucial for raising funds, disseminating awareness about the vision, and alluring volunteers. The inclusion of unverified people would hinder all these aspects.

The criminal history of a candidate is sometimes unverified and also could be forged. These could lead to onboarding unauthentic members that in turn lead to the languished reputation of the organization. 

Criminal history check would implicate:

  • Date of case filing
  • Disposition date
  • Disposition of case
  • Charge
  • Sentence information
  • Felony Level

But such checks wouldn’t bestow a holistic behavioral understanding of prospective candidates for your organization. That is why it is crucial to have criminal background checks for non-profit organizations.

It helps an organization to verify criminal checks via genuine sources about the candidate. Such background checks would help the organization to avoid inappropriate members that will cost the organization its reputation.

2. Authentic Volunteers

Volunteers are the face of non-profit organizations. They are the ones who disseminate the organization’s vision to the masses.

The inclusion of unauthentic volunteers would hamper the organizational reputation. It will also negatively impact fellow volunteers. The involvement of such unauthentic candidates would result in an ordeal for the community and the people whom the organization is serving.

So, it becomes crucial to conduct a Non-profit background check before hiring any staff member or volunteers. Therefore, it is advisable to hire the best background check service for Non-profits. 

It will assist in selecting a genuine cohort of volunteers. Background checks for Non-profit volunteers would ensure multilayered screening of a candidate.

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Don’t believe your company’s Non-profit status will shield you against liability lawsuits. For example, if your volunteer or staff member commits a crime or shows other poor conduct, even off the job, then you would be charged for damages.

You may be responsible for negligent hiring if you fail to screen adequately. Court has explicitly decided that employers have to take adequate caution not to bring together team members that might pose a public threat. 

When dealing with a competent supplier of non-profit background checks, you are pursuing a crucial step to understand the possible dangers of working with a person.

4. Adhering with Changing Regulations 

Tools and best practices in background verification are continuously evolving and providing your company access to information and possibilities that are constantly changing. For example, expenses for complete tests have reduced over the last decade with better speed and degree of detail.

When you hire a legitimate Non-profit background check agency, you can select any criteria to screen candidates. Furthermore, rules that impact screening at local, state, and federal levels are continuously changing. These constant changes are increasing the problems for Non-profit administrators as they have to keep themselves updated at rapid rates. 

Social media have also produced a shifting background screening landscape that exposes non-profits to legal difficulties when team members see sensitive data. You ensure that your company complies with all legislation by partnering with an expert screening agency.

5. Formula to Non-Profit Organization Success

As with profit-making firms, the basis governs Non-profit needs. Non-profit background checks will help your organization succeed in multiple ways:

  • A genuine cohort will engage and use resources frugally.
  • Absence of legal liabilities.
  • Unhindered organizational operations.
  • Friendly work environment.
  • Influence legion of volunteers.

Background checks can also help you reduce losses due to fraud, theft, and possible violence, as well as the lawsuit that typically follows such barbaric occurrences.

Furthermore, by taking advantage of savings for specific types of tests, your Non-profit organization may benefit from reduced insurance expenditure.


Many leaders find it difficult to believe that scouring the Internet for information on a candidate might jeopardize their Non-profit. However, potentially costly hazards, such as accusations of discrimination or invasion of privacy, lie in those seemingly “free” searches. 

An inexperienced manager may uncover facts about an applicant that may not be useful to determine eligibility. Most Non-profit leaders are aware of the restriction on asking applicants about medical problems and family status.

But when comparable material discloses through an online search, it may infiltrate the process of evaluating the candidate. So it is highly recommended to go for a Non-Profit Background Check before hiring volunteers and staff members.

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