Will a DUI show on a Criminal Background Check?

dui on background check

Background checks are pretty standard in today’s times. Employers, house owners, and other institutions conduct them to evaluate candidates and decide on the hiring or renting process. One of the most common questions in the scenario of background checks is whether it will reveal a DUI. 

The first thing to understand about background checks is that they are various. It mainly depends on the preferences of organizations or the inspecting body on whether they are doing a comprehensive background check which involves criminal offenses, or just contacting your last employer or landlord for the same. 

If the background check involves a driving record or criminal offense, a DUI will likely appear. In some states getting only a particular number of DUIs is considered a felony, while in others, even a single one might be a deal breaker.

Another question that most candidates ask in this scenario is why does a DUI show up in a background check? That’s because even though it is a driving offence and might not be relevant to your job, it is still considered a criminal offense, flagged by the jurisdiction. Therefore, whether a DUI is a misdemeanour or a felony, it is ought to stay on your record for life.

Will a DUI impact your hiring decision?

It might be hard to find if you’re seeking a one-word answer to this question. The impact of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs might be dependent on what your organization is seeking. You will be flagged during the hiring process if a position is legally off-limits to a DUI offender.

On the other hand, if it’s not highlighted in the company processes, organizations might have to look at other aspects before coming to a conclusion. For candidates, it means not everything is ruined if they have a DUI on their records.

  • If the candidate is applying for positions requiring operating vehicles, heavy machinery, etc. DUI might be a severe consideration to the organization.
  • If the DUI of a candidate is pending, it will show as pending in the background check without any charges. While the hiring/renting decision will ultimately lie in the hands of the organization, it is not necessary to disclose the information to the company if not convicted.
  • Most organizations will consider the severity of a candidate’s DUI, involving the revoke or suspension of license, and the passengers seated in the car, among others, which is why candidates must be prepared with an explanation for the scenario.

Will you pass a background check with a DUI?

Passing a background check with a DUI is not straightforward. In a comprehensive background check, DUI will be flagged in your record. However, whether it is a misdemeanor or felony will further add details. Remember that it ultimately lies in the hands of your employer/institution and your explanation in case you are DUI, arrested, or convicted. 

While navigating with an existing DUI is difficult, it is also advised to consult an attorney for better consultation.   

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is never a good idea, regardless of whether it affects your job and other prospects. While it is a criminal offense flagged at several places, it is also an irresponsible decision considering the safety of your and others’ lives.

There might be severe consequences if you’re getting behind the wheel after a night of alcohol. However, the question of DUI impacting your profile might be dependent on the area of jurisdiction and individualized assessment.

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