Resume Verification: The Importance of Verifying a Resume

resume verification

Resume verification is an essential part of the hiring process. The hiring process begins with shortlisting of resumes. Hence, it is necessary to create a good resume that can land up a good job.

The fact that a resume forms the base of any individual’s candidature is known to both the employees and the job applicant. Therefore, the applicant tries his level best to showcase all the best things that he has got on a single page.

However, this might push the candidate to include some fancy pieces of information that are not true. This will lead to a false representation of facts, and will turn out to be misleading for HR and the organization.

Misrepresentation of facts is quite common among people. They make their profiles likable and more employable by adding points or experiences that never existed in the first place. This brings in the need for resume verification.

What Is Resume Verification?

Resume verification is the process by which the factual checking of pointers on a CV is done. Forged resumes are not very common; however, an individual might misrepresent a couple of pointers on his resume to improve his chances of getting hired. It is crucial to conduct a resume check before onboarding an employee.

Employing someone is a long-term commitment for a company, and a company cannot afford to hire someone who has created a fraudulent resume to express his interest in the profile.

Resume Background Check

A lot of companies prefer hiring candidates with prior working experience. Some candidates might lie on their resume about working with another company to be considered for the profile. Background check of resume is a vital part of the resume verification process.

You can verify if a particular experience is genuine or not by contacting the HR of that organization. He or she will confirm if the employee was working with the organization. They will also give feedback to the candidate. This feedback can include both positive as well as negative points about the candidate.

What Points do you need to consider during curriculum vitae verification?

Resume verification can be a cumbersome as well as a complicated process. However, it is crucial to verify the CVs, as you can’t afford to hire someone who is lying about his own life on his CV. You can consider the following things during a CV verification process:

1. Verification of Education

The process of resume verification begins with the checking of the academic qualifications of the candidate. Here, there is no need to call educational institutes like colleges, schools, etc. You can ask the candidate to furnish their original transcripts and mark sheets. As an HR, you can use the ats resume checker to check if the documents are authentic.

2. Employment Verification

One of the primary reasons for conducting resume verification is to check if the employee has represented facts about his professional experience. Most employees lie about their employment to improve their chances of getting hired. A background check can help you with this. You can get in touch with the organization to verify the details about the role, salary, reason for resignation, etc.

3. Identity Verification

Identity proofs form a very important part of the background screening. You can ask the candidate to furnish the necessary identity proofs to authenticate the identity of the candidate. You can also use the features available on a CV checker to verify these documents. It is essential to check if the candidate belongs to the country and is an authorized citizen.

4. Reference Verification

Job seekers tend to furnish false references and letters of recommendation. It would be best if you made it a mandate to verify these documents as well. These documents act strongly and support the candidature of the job seeker. Therefore, it is important to check if the letters are genuine or not. You can contact the referee and ask them about the letters. You can also ask general questions about the candidate from the referee.

5. Address Verification

Address verification is an integral part of the employment verification process. It gives clarity on the citizenship of the candidate.

Do Employers Verify Resume?

Yes, most employers verify resumes as they are hiring a long-term resource for the company. However, the recruiter doesn’t need to verify all the details on the resume. For instance, if you have worked for multiple companies, the recruiter might choose to contact only your last employer. There is no fixed pattern of verifying a resume, but the process is vital.

Conduct an Efficient Resume Verification

The verification process can also be enhanced by requesting the candidate to edit picture or provide additional work samples, which can help you assess their skills and suitability for the position.

The main aim of HR is to find the right person for a given profile. Therefore, checking the candidate’s profile is essential. There are several CV verification platforms available online. You can pick one that meets all your requirements. You can use the selected platform to conduct a hassle-free verification process and get the right person on board.

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